Thursday, January 31, 2013

231/365: A Friend of the Bees

Today I made:

time to stop and smell the flowers...

The delicate star flowers of this jade tree caught my eye today on my afternoon walk with the pup. I had to stop to photograph their blush and golden hues. Not long into my mini photo session,  I realized the flowers were swarming with busy little bees.

I have never been stung by a bee in my 33 years of life. I like to think that it's because I made friends with the bees when I was very small. My grandmother and I used to sit together in the garden on warm mornings and watch the little insects pollinating the flowers. Then we'd head inside to watch my favorite cartoon, Maya the Bee. Grandma gave me a little bee ring to remember her by when we were leaving Poland for the U.S.

From my earliest memories, I've had a thing for bees and whenever I am in their presence I am reminded of Babcia (pronounced Bobcha, Polish for grandma). While many people panic when a bee gets too close, I just smile and say hello to my grandma's spirit. She was a friend to all the little creatures and best friend to little me.

It turns out that jade flowers represent the joy of great friendship. The flowers and the bees carried the same message for me today.

Thank you, Babcia.

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  1. I personally am terrified of bees, but that mostly stems from a VERY scary allergic reaction as a child. I think it's wonderful that you've found not only a peaceful existence with but also fond memories.
    Not to mention being able to get a picture of some lovely flowers without fear of being attacked! That in itself inspires me!