Wednesday, January 2, 2013

202/365: A Letter to My Future Self

An altered book page turned art journal
holds my letter to self.
Today I made:

a letter to my future self...

This year instead of making resolutions that I feel guilted and pressured into pursuing (and will invariable lose sight of), I decided to write a letter to my future self articulating my most joyful goals. The letter, to be opened at a later date, was an exercise in setting goals I’m passionate about and  manifesting my dreams. I announced to the Universe what I intend to make happen over the next several months in my personal life and with my career and creative pursuits. I was delightfully surprised to find that I actually know quite well what I want my life to look like in the near future. The words spilled out of me, one powerful intention after another, filled with affirmations. (I really know how to sweet talk myself ;)

When I was writing my letter, it felt less daunting somehow to use "you" to address myself, as if I were talking to a dear friend. I wrote my goals as if they were success stories that have already happened. For example, instead of saying, "I really want to make more time for art in my life," I wrote "You have made art an even bigger part of your life. Your art space is your refuge and your playground. You have developed a playful relationship with your muses and strengthened your connection with the creative source. Your art is evolving, your unique style is becoming evident and your voice is coming through loud and clear." I wanted it to be like a letter from a trusted friend who knows my deepest desires, believes in me and encourages me along the way. The more detailed the bettter!

When I first contemplated this project, I reconsidered the time frame for the "grand opening" several times. Should I open the letter at the end of the year? In three months to check on my progress? Since these were more short term visions that I want to stay on track with, I decided six months was appropriate. That seemed like just long enough for me to put some things into action and for the Universe to work its magic. (The long-term plan is still in the works and I feel like I need to get my husband in on that one.)

the perfect found text and vintage postage stamp...
I'm mingling with my own soul.
I'm really beginning to understand that when you want to create something in your life, having a clear vision is imperative. I am by no means finished with my visioning after this letter. I have some vision board and dream map projects in the works. I'm realizing that fleshing out my vision for what I want my life to look and feel like has been the missing secret ingredient in making my big girl dreams come true. No more sitting around with fuzzy ideas of wanting to be an artist and not knowing exactly what to focus on.

I will probably read the letter a few more times over the next couple days and make sure all my goals are represented in my vision board where I can see them. Then I will seal it up in my art journal and open it at the beginning of June this year. It might also be fun to send a copy to my best friend for safe keeping, so she can send it back to me as my future self delivers the good news of all my accomplishments. Then I'll be getting a letter from my future self. Who doesn't love mail?!

Try it! Write down all your hopes and dreams for your creative life (I mean ANYTHING you want to create) as if they were already a reality. Use as many details as you can (but you don't have to know exactly how you're going to make it happen yet). Go ahead and talk yourself up and don’t be afraid to dream big. Let's see what happens when we send our dreams out into the Universe.

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