Tuesday, January 8, 2013

208/365: A Cure for Hibernation Mode

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an invitation...

Has anyone else been in hibernation mode these wintry days? I often become such a hermit after the holidays are over, holed up in my art space all by myself. I enjoy the quiet time to reflect at the beginning of the year and am pretty productive, but there's something lacking. I am in need of some creative company.

Luckily, I am the proud hostess of an ever-growing creative community on Meetup. (Maybe there's something like it in your community?) After taking a little holiday hiatus last month, my co-organizers and I decided that we'd like to offer the Creative Bucket List activity as a workshop with our group. January is the perfect time to gather with like-minded people and share our inspirations and encouragement for our brave goals.

I'm so excited for our big kid play date!! I get such awesome energy from other creative spirits. A chance to bond over art and creative dreams will surely melt me out of hibernation mode!

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