Wednesday, January 16, 2013

216/365: Dreams of Outdoor Art Studios

Today I made:
springtime plans and a letter to Winter...

Dear Winter,

No, thank you.

A Frigid Artist

I love San Diego winter for it's amazing crisp-colored sunsets, but when the temperature here on the coast dips down to frosty windshield and "I can see my breath" levels, my inner summer child throws a big fit. My studio is chilly, my hands are cracked from paint brush rinsing, I'm in slow moving hibernation mode and full of excuses. So here I sit, in my robe and fuzzy socks, warm pup and sketchbook on my lap, dreaming of springtime.

I could really use some (warm) fresh air with all the gypsum dust I've been kicking up in sanding my joint compound projects. I'm also itching to break out my wood burning tool since I've been having so much fun with carving lines into the plaster. And the ventilation in my kitchen is just not cutting it for the encaustic medium I heat for my wax projects. Resin is toxic when heated and a big no-no to be breathing in.

I'm coming to the conclusion that my art explorations could use an outdoor space. Last year, Rodney offered to help me construct a little open air art studio in the backyard. I've decided I'm going to take him up on it when the weather gets warmer.

So, winter, have your way with us. I will try to be patient. When my productivity drops with the temperature, I'll just sit on my cozy couch and sketch out plans for my new outdoor art studio. The thought of art in the sunshine warms me well.

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