Thursday, May 31, 2012


Old jacaranda with lavender blooms
Framed by the gray of a sky in late May 
Birds sing a song with a longing for summer
Wind whispers back holding fast onto spring 
The days will grow longer 
The grass greener still
On the cusp of season defined by the spill
Of a billion bright colors
            They're coming! They're coming!
All summer hearts practice patience until


Holding my breath for many things these days: 
for sweet summer freedom, for the cucumbers in my garden to grow, 
for the paint on my canvas to dry, for replies, 
for this dream of a project to take root in reality. 
Reminding myself to breath, to have patience with myself and my circumstances. 
All things happen in their rightful season.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Look Inward"

Who are you, really
When no one is looking,
When you’re quiet and still
And honest inside?
When you tune out the noise
And listen to your whispers,
The authentic self
Has a chance to be heard.

Who are you, really
When no one is looking?
What makes your heart dance?
What tugs at your soul?
When you dare ask the questions
And the Universe answers,
When you trust who you are
Then you are whole.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Hands

mother's hands
Last week I had a lovely visit with my mama. Seven days of warm fuzzy mother-daughter moments was exactly what I needed to remind me where I come from and how I got to this place of creative yearning. Since she was here on vacation, we relaxed however she wanted. She spent much of her time sewing and stitching, cooking delicious Polish meals, tending to my garden and amusing my hubby and me with stories of her crazy childhood adventures. These creative acts are things she has done my whole life, but I suppose I never noticed before just how much of a Creator she is. It is just a part of her every day. Her life is art. She uses her hands, heart and mind to bring beauty into the world. These simple endeavors bring her joy and that joy spills over to her family.

I must admit: I am intimidated by my sewing machine, I am dangerous in the kitchen, neither of my thumbs are green and my stories can sometimes be long, winding roads to nowhere. But I use my hands, heart and mind to bring good things to the world whenever I can. I recognize the Creator in me. This I learned from my mama and to her I am forever grateful. Happy Mother’s Day, mama Ela!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hello, Courage !

The call to serve is coming through loud and clear.
Today it was a conference call with the Universe, 
brought on by a meeting of the minds and hearts

vintage rotary phone
My creative business partners and I sat around my table, sipping tea and beginning the process of living out our wildest dreams. (I never thought I’d be able to say that!)  I am feeling oh so blessed to be witnessed and supported by these two beautiful souls and kindred spirits. We are taking a HUGE leap of faith together. We are finding that each one of us brings distinctive and valuable talents to the table that have been developed through unique life experiences and our own personal quests for truth. But when they speak, it’s as if my inner voice is sounding. These girls are helping me find my place and showing me that my dream has substance.

We have come to a turning point in our lives where we are choosing to answer the call of the creative, and we are finding that pursuing our passions serves the deeper purpose of making the world a better place. This project (still just a tiny seed) is allowing us to encourage each other to listen to our higher calling. We have the opportunity to be both mentors and students to one another, and that is a very exciting thing for me.

It has been decided that the Business Plan can put her high-heeled feet up for a bit while we dive into the depths of our own barefoot creative souls. First we will do the soul work of identifying and aligning our values, articulating our personal intentions and creating a shared vision and mission that will guide us on the path. We ask of ourselves and of our business:

     What are our core values?
     What do we believe about art, humanity and creativity?
     Who will we serve?
     What service will we provide to our community?

This feels like a very natural way to begin. And that’s what we are all about: organic, process oriented, dream-driven ARTrepreneurship.
This is a call I will drop everything for and answer with a very enthusiastic,
“Hello Courage!”

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The ART of Happiness

The tea has spoken.

I’ve had all sorts of brave thoughts banging around in my head lately. Like maybe I might finally know exactly what I want to be when I “grow up!” Leave it to Yogi tea to bring all my musings together into a lovely "aha" moment. (I’m never that concise, but sometimes a simple mantra captures it all.)

I’m finding so many connections these days between the creative process and my life’s journey. I feel like a child who’s just made meaning of something many other people probably know about, but I still have a need to share what I'm discovering. For me, that’s what learning {and art!} are all about- making my own meaning and expressing my understanding of the world. 

After years of trying to fit more art into my life, I am realizing that any aspect of my life can be a creative expression, just like every moment can be an opportunity for learning. Maybe it’s a new way of looking at things and seeing the possibilities. Or perhaps it’s trusting in my own ability to invent my experience. It’s all part of the process. And it’s all part of my purpose. My tea tag translation:
In order to create my happiness, I need to bring my own creative good into the world.  I need to keep teaching and I need to keep creating. Maybe one day I will find a more eloquent way of saying what it is I’m feeling, but for now I’ll drink my tea and sit a while with the peace I've found.