As an artist on the creative path, my work is to:
*find the sacred in the ordinary
*bring more beauty to the world
*make meaning of my past experiences and my present circumstances, 
my environment and the people in it
*express my truth
*take action to bring my visions into existence
*be willing to take risks, entertain all possibilities and get my hands dirty
*trust the process

The more I think about it, I realize this is the work we are all called to do in our lives. It's all part of the journey. I am reminded through my work, time and again, how life mimics art and the creative process. We are all creators. If being an artist means creating something out of nothing, then I have faith that we will all have that shared human experience at some point in our lives. How awesome is that?!

Create your own path...

I may have a long way to go, but I’m finally feeling like I’m on the right path. I can be a teacher and an artist. The knowledge and experiences I have gained up to this point have prepared me to take the next steps in the right direction. From here I need courage to trust the creative process, to learn from it and to teach from it. The creative process has always been a source of encouragement, inspiration and empowerment for me. Art and writing help me to nurture my dreams. My hope is to create art that encourages, inspires and empowers others to follow their passions and to use their creative license.

I share my musings and my images to bring you courage on your own path. I hope you find something here that resonates with you. Maybe you need a gentle nudge towards your creative spirit, or perhaps you need a swift kick in the pants to jar it out of you. (I signed up for the latter when I started on this journey.) Either way, I hope to en{COURAGE} you to:

*Listen to those whispers of your own truth that make you question and search for meaning.
*Read more about what interests you- educate and empower yourself.
*Turn off your TV and make your own reality.
*Express yourself in whatever way brings you joy and allows you to feel closer to your authentic self.
*Pay it forward, share your learning, spread your love and shine your light.

Maybe if we all shine our little lights, we will have a great big glow by which to see the mysteries of life a little more clearly.

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  1. Your mission is so beautiful... just like you! To be part of a journey together makes such a difference... and to be part of this creative life journey is really what matters!
    Thank you for being you, and for sharing in this way!...