Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Hands

mother's hands
Last week I had a lovely visit with my mama. Seven days of warm fuzzy mother-daughter moments was exactly what I needed to remind me where I come from and how I got to this place of creative yearning. Since she was here on vacation, we relaxed however she wanted. She spent much of her time sewing and stitching, cooking delicious Polish meals, tending to my garden and amusing my hubby and me with stories of her crazy childhood adventures. These creative acts are things she has done my whole life, but I suppose I never noticed before just how much of a Creator she is. It is just a part of her every day. Her life is art. She uses her hands, heart and mind to bring beauty into the world. These simple endeavors bring her joy and that joy spills over to her family.

I must admit: I am intimidated by my sewing machine, I am dangerous in the kitchen, neither of my thumbs are green and my stories can sometimes be long, winding roads to nowhere. But I use my hands, heart and mind to bring good things to the world whenever I can. I recognize the Creator in me. This I learned from my mama and to her I am forever grateful. Happy Mother’s Day, mama Ela!!

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