Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The ART of Happiness

The tea has spoken.

I’ve had all sorts of brave thoughts banging around in my head lately. Like maybe I might finally know exactly what I want to be when I “grow up!” Leave it to Yogi tea to bring all my musings together into a lovely "aha" moment. (I’m never that concise, but sometimes a simple mantra captures it all.)

I’m finding so many connections these days between the creative process and my life’s journey. I feel like a child who’s just made meaning of something many other people probably know about, but I still have a need to share what I'm discovering. For me, that’s what learning {and art!} are all about- making my own meaning and expressing my understanding of the world. 

After years of trying to fit more art into my life, I am realizing that any aspect of my life can be a creative expression, just like every moment can be an opportunity for learning. Maybe it’s a new way of looking at things and seeing the possibilities. Or perhaps it’s trusting in my own ability to invent my experience. It’s all part of the process. And it’s all part of my purpose. My tea tag translation:
In order to create my happiness, I need to bring my own creative good into the world.  I need to keep teaching and I need to keep creating. Maybe one day I will find a more eloquent way of saying what it is I’m feeling, but for now I’ll drink my tea and sit a while with the peace I've found.

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