Tuesday, January 15, 2013

215/365: First Impressions

original stamp on top left, with three stamped plaster attempts
Today I made:

field notes...

It's day three of experimenting with plaster, or my version of it- hardware store joint compound. I decided to let the "Inspire" piece simmer for a bit while I contemplate the rest of the color scheme and work up the nerve to paint a bird.

I say field notes because it's going to take some experimenting and documenting to perfect some techniques for my fun new medium, so I'm recording what worked and what didn't in my journal.

Today I spread the compound over a fresh surface, some inexpensive craft pine board. I did some more "carving" into the plaster once it set for about 15 minutes. That seemed to work best. Then I was determined to see what would happen if I attempted to stamp the surface with a rubber stamp design. My first impressions (pun intended) were not as awesome as I envisioned. It was hard to get the imprint even. Some parts didn't stamp at all and some just came up gooey. I'm not terribly disappointed with the result as it has a nice aged quality and might pair well with carving. We'll see what it looks like once I paint a wash of acrylic over it after the plaster is fully dry.

Now I get to go clean plaster out of my favorite stamp with a toothbrush. Yay.

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