Thursday, January 24, 2013

224/365: Creative Goal Prompts

Today I made:
creative goal prompts...

I'm learning that during the process of growing a creative life, we sometimes have to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. There are exciting things and enriching experiences to be found out there. This weekend, my creative friends and I will gather for a Bucket List party to dream up our goals for the year. I'm getting so excited to bask in the glow of like-minded souls!

I've been thinking about how my personal bucket list came about. I essentially thought of ways to push myself out of my comfort zone, to learn and to make art a bigger part of my life. I got creative with my creativity.

When creating your bucket list, think about how you like to express yourself and what you want your happy, artful life to look like.  I hope this sparks your eagerness to dream big in your creative life:

a new medium you'd like to explore
a class you've been wanting to take
something you'd like to make a regular practice
something you consider thrilling
something out of your comfort zone
a creative skill you want to teach yourself
something you'd like to teach others
something you can do right now
something to work on all year
a book you've been wanting to read
something that would make someone else smile
something that would make you smile
something that requires courage
something in a community
a place to visit (near or far) for inspiration- somewhere you've never been
something that involves writing
something that requires more energy than you think you have
a way to share your art or your creative talent; a way to share your gifts with the world
something that will make you feel like a kid
something messy
something that will leave a legacy
something you'll never ever regret

Now go act on your dreams!

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