Sunday, January 13, 2013

213/365: Hardware Store Art Supplies

Today I made:

texture with joint compound...

After last night's happy accident that resulted in peek-a-boo layers and lovely textures, I decided to experiment with a new material that would create those textures I love so much.

Picture the look of aged plaster walls. Did you know you could get the same effect using cheap hardware store joint compound? It's basically a premixed plaster that comes in little tubs. (Definitely not artist grade, but it works for me and my experiments.) I just spackled it onto sturdy canvas board with a trowel and let it dry (for several hours). Then I painted over it with a wash of acrylic (watered down paint) and the peeks and valleys picked up the paint to reveal natural texture just like I was hoping.

Here I experimented with joint compound over a page of text (you can see a little peeking through), a paper doily collaged onto the surface, and some carving into the dry plaster. So much fun! Can't wait to play more!
pieces of a work in progress

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