Sunday, January 27, 2013

227/365: Bucket Lists & Creative Chicks

Today we created:

new friendships...

We had such a fun group of gals join us for the Creative Bucket List Meetup! The girls took my idea and ran with it, coming up with their own bucket themes and setting meaningful goals. Hearts and souls went into making these mixed media visual representations of our creative intentions. I love that each one was so unique.

G's bucket list in progress

I was especially delighted by how quickly we bonded over creative interests and how willing and supportive everyone was in sharing their goals with each other. The laughter and encouraging words could fill a dozen buckets! The creative community I've been needing in my life grew today and I'm so grateful for it.

"Create new friendships" was on everyone's bucket list. Clink!
each one as unique as the artist

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