Friday, January 11, 2013

211/365: Limbo

Today I made:

a cup of tea...

Today was the day that finalists for the Make Mine Mini challenge were supposed to be announced on the Cloth Paper Scissors website. I waited all day to find out if my piece made it to the next round for possible publication. I had already given myself a pep talk (as had my sweet husband) in case I didn't make it. I had decided it wasn't a big deal; not as much about the quality of the art (and the judging of it) as it was about the experience of putting myself out there. I was ready for an answer, one way or another. I could take it.

As it turns out, the magazine had received so many entries that they were not ready to announce finalists yet! Noooo! Don't make me wait another week! I was NOT prepared for that, and it totally threw me for a loop. That is too much time for second guessing. Now I have completely lost track of my light hearted "I'll send it out into the world and see what happens" mentality.

All of a sudden I feel antsy and unfocused and completely resistant to all the creative projects I had set aside for tonight. Here I am again, afraid to begin for fear of not knowing the outcome. Really?! I thought I was past this! What I yucky feeling.

So I worked some more on my friend's playlist, added to my vision boards on Pinterest and drank tea. I know the days ahead will bring inspiration to take my mind off of the magazine submission and impending verdict. Art does get made in limbo, doesn't it?

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