Tuesday, January 29, 2013

229/365: Love in Every Stitch, Part II

"Patience" the elephant
Today I made:

a wee elephant...

I finally had a chance to work some more on a craft project in progress, another gift for an inspiring friend.
I've made some revisions to the
elements of the design since the 
beginnings of this sewing project
This little guy is just a sneak peek 
at one piece. He's made of felt and fabric, blanket stitched with embroidery floss and stuffed with polyester fiber. I found the tiny pattern by Quex here

I totally channelled my mama in the hand stitching (and the patience).
I'm excited for the whole piece to be finished so I can mail it off to my friend, but it's taking longer than I thought. I'm definitely having to remind myself to enjoy the process and be patient for the end result to come together. I must say, I felt a total sense of pride when this little guy was born tonight. 


  1. OMG!!!! He is ABSOLUTELY adorable! I hope he's the sneak peak you promised me! I can't wait to see the finished product. You blanket stitches are almost perfect....great job

  2. Yes, he's the sneak peek! Isn't he darling? You should check out the pattern. I bet you could blow it up and make a big version as a pillow or something. I might do that later. Project is going in the mail this weekend and I'll be posting updates in the next couple days, so if you want to be surprised, don't look! ;)

  3. I cherish the finished the sneak peaks...they are always jsut enough to leave me wanting more and anxious to see the finished products