Thursday, May 30, 2013

350/365: Fine Tuning Our Creative Dreams

Bowman Built Guitars
on exhibit June 8-July 4
Today's creativity included writing a bio for my husband to accompany his gorgeous handcrafted electric guitar to the woodworker's exhibit at the San Diego County Fair.

We dropped the guitar off tonight to be included in set-up and judging of the exhibit. This is just the beginning for him- his first guitar to be exhibited- other acoustics and electrics already in the works in his wood shop. I snapped photos like a proud mama tonight, of my beaming husband and his guitar, fitting right in and looking very official up against the glass display case. It's a milestone for him!

On the drive home, I contemplated my own creative journey and where it's taken me, or rather, where I've take it. I pondered how we come to have such proud milestones. This is where the distinction becomes very clear to me between those who manifest their dreams and those who don't. My husband can articulate what success means to him in his creative life and career. He has clarity on his goals and is able to focus his effort and energy to bringing his ideas to life. I have only a fuzzy idea that involves teaching creativity workshops, sharing my artwork and publishing my writing, but there is obviously a great deal of fine-tuning that needs to take place. Clarity, direction and focus are things that I constantly strive for as I try to define my creative goals, but this is where I keep getting stuck.

I now recognize that it has to be more than a hobby for me. It has to be a way of life. But how to make it happen? I keep reminding myself that I am on my path and I will make things happen in my own time. I think it's time I get clear on the big picture so I can focus on my direction.

Getting our creative dreams to play out the way we want them to requires some major fine-tuning, doesn't it?

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