Friday, May 24, 2013

344/365: Digital Inspiration Albums

I have been up to some creative color scheming and texture collecting this year! Tonight I took some time to sort through the goodies I've gathered. Color, texture, line, pattern...when these things catch my eye, I have to capture them. I snap photos on my iPhone and later scroll through my camera roll to get ideas for my art. It's a digital inspiration album. I use photo collage apps, like Pic Stitch, to work out new color schemes or create an eclectic design board for a project.

I haven't gone too deep into my study of design elements, but I know what I like. I know what stops me dead in my tracks to capture a "swatch" for use in my art. I know what inspires my mixed media collages. This has been such an integral part of my creative process.

My pup, Banjo, is a perfect photo walk partner and if it weren't for him I probably wouldn't have such a great collection of color swatches or texture and pattern samples. We are surrounded by inspiration in our environments, both in nature and in the man-made world. Paying attention to what draws us in can help us to develop an eye for design and our own artistic style.

Go for a walk today. Bring your camera and see what catches your eye!

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