Tuesday, May 7, 2013

327/365: Dear Mama,

I laughed so hard this week
At your quirky humor,
And smiled so much
At the carefree spirit
You bring on your visits.

You told more stories this time
Than ever before.
I know you better now.
I understand!

You helped me exist in each moment
More fully, more joyfully.
I crave more of this connection,
This friendship
Between a girl and her first love.

There's a part of me tonight
That recognizes a space
That needs filling
When you are there
And I am here.

There's a part of me tonight
That feels very small
And just needs her mama
To be close.

All that's left to do is eat all the fruit
that we bought at the farmer's market,
To pick up stray threads
From our sewing projects,
To wash the sand off the seashells
That you forgot to pack,

And to share these words, dear Mama.

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