Monday, May 27, 2013

347/365: Counting My Creative Blessings

Today I met with my art partner in crime. We began planning my 365 Days of Creative  celebration- an art anniversary party. We got some fun ideas and she helped me feel better about the whole thing. Event planning gets my creative juices flowing. I am grateful for my friend's support.

I also chatted with another close friend, who had some encouraging words that helped me create a little more self confidence for the last leg of my journey. I'm so grateful to have someone who knows exactly what I'm going through in the balancing of family, work and a creative life. Thanks for the tough love, Casey! I needed it.

I spent the afternoon writing and revising some of my messy journal entries from the past few weeks. I created some order in the chaos. I don't mind a little chaos now and then, but peace of mind is nice right now. I didn't get as far off track with my project as I thought. Thank goodness for quiet time to think.

Husband and I went for a jog in the May gray evening. We created energy. He is my solid path and my fresh air. I am so grateful that he keeps me going, in so many ways.

Then we came home to create a delicious meal of grilled veggies and red curry chicken over brown rice and mango papaya salsa. Yum, creative soul food! We are thankful for the blessings of family and home.

I didn't lift a paint brush, but I'm happy with this day of creating. I am grateful for having the clarity today to notice and appreciate the simple (yet so profound) gifts in my life. Gratitude allows us to create all the joy we need. 

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