Wednesday, May 15, 2013

335/365: Fresh Idea on a Stick

Before he got onto his health kick, my husband was eating insane amounts of fudgescicles and saving the sticks to make birdhouses. No joke- we have three very awesome handmade birdhouses (the sticks have been thoroughly washed) any birdie would love to call home. Rodney soon moved on to bigger and better wood shop projects, so what to do with all those popsicle sticks? Today I had just the plan for them!

As I wrap up the last month of my 365 Days of Creative, my mind is already a swirl of new ideas for my epic summer project (which I have yet to reveal). I'm having a hard time staying focused and putting energy towards unfinished projects. Haphazard daily creating has been wonderful, but I find myself craving a little more structure to explore the topics that are constantly floating around in my mind, vying for my attention right now. My inner critic, my muse and sources of inspiration, fear, teaching and learning and what brought me to my many favored art forms- these are things I want to explore more within the framework of my year of creating.

At the beginning of the year, I took the time to organize all of my scattered ideas into one place. I refer to my Idea Journal often, but not all of it feels relevant and important right now...not to mention that it's overwhelmingly huge. I needed something that was more visual, tactile, organize-able and easily within reach. Hooray for popsicle sticks! All of the creative ideas (many of them writing ideas) that my mind is most preoccupied by right now can go on a stick and can live in a cup on my art desk. In sight, in mind. Yes more organizing and planning. I can't help it. It's totally necessary brain purging that allows me to reach the clarity I need to proceed with one fresh idea at a time.

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