Monday, May 20, 2013

340/365: An Artist's Point of View

self portrait; point of view creating mood
Can you find the heart in this piece?
Preoccupied with my writing, my art, my inner world, I sometimes wonder if I'm giving enough attention to the other facets of my life. Am I attending to what's most important? Then I am reminded:

"There is nothing insignificant in the world. It all depends on the point of view." ~Goethe

At different times in our lives, we focus our attention on our many realities: family and relationships, education and career, just to name a few. It really is all about point of view. We see things the way we choose to see things. We construct our own truths.

In photography, point of view refers to where the camera is in relation to the subject- the angle from which the subject is viewed. Creating work with a personal point of view is the job of the photographer, the artist, the writer. We must not forget that we are the artists of our lives. We create from our individual points of view.

"The artist deals in terms of his own, with images related to this contemporary life and its aspirations."
~ Paul Burlin

Since it is on our terms, we can choose where to focus our attention depending on what we choose to create. I choose to view my life at this time through the lens of self discovery and personal growth. I juggle my other realities as well and adjust my focus accordingly. As my husband is currently at a very similar place of personal development and discovery of his gifts, our focus on our relationship is taking place concurrently with living out our creative growth. I know that in the years to come, our focus will continue to shift. When babies are born, they will be our world. When we solidify our creative career dreams, we will invest more energy there.

I am so grateful to have this time to focus the lens on myself.

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