Saturday, May 18, 2013

338/365: Art Heals

"Her Palette" art journal: acrylic and scrap paper

Last night's artistic tribute to my muse worked wonders to lure her in. Today I am a whirl of ideas- writing, planning, painting...

When I closed my eyes to visualize my painting tonight, I saw a paint palette- colors constructed of patterns. That is what I painted first. The self portrait came next, and the healing occurred with every brush stroke. Deep in the process, I forgot the things that stressed me out this week. It was a painting meditation, a release of pent up emotions. Now a sense of pride brings back my confidence. My soul is mended.

It is such a catch 22. Often, when we most need to express ourselves, out of stress, frustration, grief or loneliness, our creativity feels stifled by these very things. If we can find a way to dip our brush into our inspirations and trust in the process, the healing will flow naturally. That is my experience.

Come as you are. Engage in your own creative process, whatever it is. Your art will not judge.

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