Friday, March 29, 2013

288/365: Reverse Canvas Shadow Box

Today I created:

art backwards...

I have an idea for a piece of art that's going to do some double duty. Here's a peek at phase one of the project: decorating the shadow box frame.

I used a 5"x7" framed canvas, but any dimensions will work depending on the size of your project. I used acrylic to paint the canvas all the way to the back of the frame, and then painted the wooden frame itself in a contrasting color. I decoupaged some scrap paper in the background of the frame and glued some lace to cover the uneven edges where the canvas met the wood.

My shadow box is ready for filling and further adorning (to be revealed shortly). This is a unique spin on DIY canvas art. The shadow box can display a smaller work of art, some 3-D collectibles, assemblage art or a scrapbook style photo arrangement. It can be propped up to stand on a shelf or hung by attaching a ribbon. It could also be used as a fancy little table top tray.

The possibilities are endless for this simple craft project! You just need to reframe your thinking ;)

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