Friday, March 15, 2013

274/365: Novelty

brand. spankin'. new.
Today I made:

a creative purchase...

In search of the right brush to finish the outline of my recent painting, I took a trip to the art supply store. It occurred to me that I've never actually purchased paint brushes before. The ones I own are either gifts or those pilfered from my husband's stash from his old painting days.

There was a daunting selection to choose from. Besides the different styles and sizes, there were also student grade, artist "level 2" and professional. I ended up going with the artist grade because the rest were out of stock in the sizes I needed. Apparently the pros cleaned them out. I also picked up a new pack of palette knives that I'm excited to experiment with.

It's amazing how a few new toys reinvigorate me after days away from my easel. I'll have to remember that. My muse appreciates novelty.

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