Monday, March 25, 2013

284/365: Shifting Energy

collage in progress, clockwise from top left:
the first layer/ messy texture/ collecting elements/ adding shape & color
Today I created:


After a long day of teaching, running errands, cooking dinner and doing housework, all I wanted to do was lay belly up on the couch like my dog. Instead I decided to follow my own advice for a change.

This morning, my first graders came to reading group with the Monday morning sleepies. We solved the problem with some tried and true brain "waker-uppers": a drink of water, a few deep breaths, and a little Energizing Brain Break. They were alert little readers in no time.

Late this evening, by the time all that fun business of life was taken care of, I was zapped of energy, but determined to begin a friend's birthday collage. It was too late to have caffeine, so I decided I would take five minutes to apply my little brain wake-up tricks, go into my art space and see if that changed my energy. If not, I would send myself to bed at a decent time and try again tomorrow.

What do you know?! It worked and it was so simple! Not only was I able to peel myself off the couch with the low stakes deal, but once I was at my art table, my hands got busy, my mind focused in and my muse stopped by for a visit. I played for a couple hours without even realizing how much time had gone by, and I got a good start on the project.

I'm very proud of myself! I must, I must remember this next time I'm about to melt into the couch. I don't know if it will work every time, but it's worth a try on tired evenings. All it took was a little bit of movement to create some energy and break out of my inertia. If I can't think myself into productivity, I will move myself into it.

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