Tuesday, March 26, 2013

285/365: She Was Ready to Spread Her Wings

Today I made:

a symbolic gift...

It's finished and the birthday girl loved it!

I'm very proud of this piece, both with the end result and the creative process that I allowed myself to get lost in. After last night's effort to muster up the energy to begin, my muse must have been proud of me too. She stayed through my morning coffee and well into lunchtime today.

I owe it all to haphazard inspiration. Without much of a plan last night, I began collaging down pages from an old book to provide an interesting background layer under the paint. The perfect snippets of text popped out at me (as they always seem to do.) With thoughts of "sun" and feathers," and my friend's fondness for birds the ideas began coming together.

This brave, creative friend of mine is always encouraging me to take leaps and reach for my dreams. At this point in her life, I see she has her sights set on new horizons, and I know she is preparing to take flight. We must leave our comfortable nests and spread our wings to reach new heights.

"She Was Ready to Spread Her Wings" copyright Mila Bowman, March 2013
mixed media on 12"x12" canvas: acrylic, charcoal, bird woodcut, vintage book pages, scrap paper
close-up of found text: "When the sun comes...it will warm me on my journey."
The darling little birdie is a woodcut I found at Michael's craft store.
close-up of found text: "magnificent"... "in their best feathers"


  1. Lovely piece of art. Iove the idea of collaging the papers for background and having some words show through. And the words on the side of your canvas I love that too. :)
    Thank you for sharing your work.

    1. Thank you Suzanne! This one was so much fun to make. I've got a similar one in the works. I love using text in my art and the words that I choose to peek through often find me mysteriously just when I'm needing some direction with the piece of art. I think it's my muse sending me messages ;)