Saturday, March 2, 2013

261/365: Planting Seeds

Today I made:

space in my mind to contemplate the possibilities...

My talented camera-wielding friend, Rachel Bellinsky, had a photography show and book release party tonight, and I was there to help her celebrate. The event took place at 3RD SPACE, a creative club for local artists. Rachel's photographs are featured in the book, San Diego Unseen: An Urban Portrait. Her stunning work lined the walls, gallery style. It was magical to witness her images in person. I am inspired by her creative eye, the imaginative treatment of her subjects, the delicate and almost ethereal feel to her work.

See some of her photography here and here.

I'm so in awe of Rachel's creative output and her courage to put her work out there. Prints for sale, art shows and books- she is making it all happen. I am proud of my friend for paving her own path by doing what she loves to do.

This evening's event and the smile on my friend's face have planted a seed for me. I can't help but envision future art shows of my own and am contemplating new ways to share my art with the world.
It also helped me to appreciate the time and energy it takes for artists to find their voice and to carve out a space that is all their own.

Congratulations, Rachel!

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