Monday, March 11, 2013

270/365 Overcoming Blocks

Today I made:

progress on a painting...

Yes, this is the sketch-turned-painting from the other day that I purposely began on a large pad of drawing paper with inexpensive craft paints in an effort to let it feel less precious. The hope was that I wouldn't become attached and stifled by the end result and the need to for it to be "just right." This is where I so often get stuck and lose momentum (and joy) while painting.

Well, perfection aside, I am growing more fond of this one with every block of color that I paint. This makes me step back and think, and start to envision what the end result could look like. This is the danger zone because now I'm not just painting for the sake of painting. I'm painting to achieve a certain outcome. I've invested enough time and energy that I'd like to be pleased with the result. Where did I get it into my head that every piece of art I attempt has to turn out well?! Silly me. I suspect that's the main reason for my blocks.

Tonight I stopped myself from continuing with my work after much deliberation. After searching through my tools for just the right brush to mimic the long, thin lines of the original sketch, I decided to wait until I had the right brush for the job. I think the outline will make this image come to life and I don't want to rush through it just to call it done. (I'm learning that from my husband's experiences in his wood shop.) I'm also battling with whether to leave it as a simple painting or to layer it up by mixing in some other media. The question, "Is it finished?" will be popping up soon. I suppose I'll just follow my urge as it gets closer to completion.

So, a slight hiccup in progress, but I do have to give myself a pat on the back for actually showing up and doing the work. It has been a while. Even though I've come up on the same old block mid-process, the sly trick of beginning with less precious materials did get me off to a strong start, rather fearlessly I might add.

I will learn to outsmart my inner critic yet!

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