Monday, March 4, 2013

263/365: Go With the Flow

Today I made:
a "needs" list...

Knowing what you need and being able to attain it are two different things, but the awareness is proving somewhat helpful today.

These are the things I need to be my most productive in my art space:
- long uninterrupted blocks of time
- quiet and solitude
- a rested body and an inspired mind

I swear, some days these feel like the wild demands of a rock star in a green room. I obviously can not sit around waiting for all these factors to fall perfectly into place before I'm ready to perform. I'm ever so slowly finding ways to grow my creative life through visual art, but it's a good thing I have other creative outlets.

These are the things I need to be most productive with my writing:
- something to write on
- something to write with


With writing, I've learned to be productive in spurts. I can drop everything and write. When inspiration strikes, I scribble down ideas anywhere and everywhere. I'm even getting better at blocking out distractions. I think my connection with my writing muse must be stronger. (We're on a first name, high-five basis.)

I hope I can work my way up to creating spontaneous visual art the way I'm able to spill forth my thoughts in writing, but until that time comes, I need to stop beating myself up for not painting more. Maybe it's part of the creative ebb and flow. Right now the writing is flowing. I should just go with the flow.

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