Tuesday, March 19, 2013

278/365: Draft Mode

Today I made:

time to catch up...

I've left a few posts from the last couple weeks in "draft" mode on my blog. Started on the fly with my Blogger app on my phone during busy days, they were in varying stages of completion. They were the "sloppy copies" (as we call them in elementary school) of my observations and thoughts from the days. I meant to go back sooner to fill in the gaps, but new days brought new projects. Finally, I have a quiet morning to myself, a sunny spot on my cozy couch and the urge to write!

It's a tricky thing to share your personal journal with the world.  My live-in-the-moment artist self would love nothing more than to share my raw stream of consciousness writing as evidence of my daily creative. But my articulate writer self won't allow that. She wants to take each post through the writing process (hello revision and editing!) to publication so that it's readable and not a jumble of incomprehensible thoughts. (I suspect that perfectionist writer self is in cahoots with my inner critic.) At times I'm able to distract her long enough with word play to hit the "publish" button before she gets too involved.

I wonder if there is a difference in my writing voice between the two. If anyone is out there, hello? hello? (insert cricket sound here), I'd love to know if you're ever able to identify my more spontaneous creative writings. It's funny how I feel the need to present myself a certain way as an artist. If it's not obvious yet, I really don't have it all together. What juicy, messy wonders could come out of me if I was less inhibited? What if I left myself in draft mode more often? I'd probably be able to keep up with my daily creative posts better, for one.

Anyhow, I've revisited and rescued these writings from limbo today. I had to share once I realized there was a clear progression of turbulent learning moments that led me to where I am now, less than a month later. Well I'll be damned! This log of my journey is serving it's purpose, for me anyway. So if you're following along, happy four-in-one Tuesday! :)

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