Wednesday, August 1, 2012

48/365: You Are a Child of the Universe

Today I made:
an affirmation...

ink and gel pen on scrapbook paper with original background painting in acrylic

"Child of the Universe" photo journal page: original photograph, cloud paper, pencil, gel pen
This quote is an excerpt form Max Ehrmann's poem, "Desiderata," all of which I love, but these lines especially have been echoing in my mind the last few days. I need to remember to be gentle with myself, to accept that I am enough right now just the way I am, and to honor how far I've come on this journey. This affirmation comforts me when I feel anxious about living up to my self-imposed expectations.

The photo is a shadow self-portrait I took a couple weeks ago at the cliffs in Ocean Beach. The whole thing was a happy accident. As I stood on a higher rock and pointed my camera down into a lower bed of rocks that were partially underwater, I had no idea at the time how meaningful the picture would be for me. I love the colors and textures of the rocks. It reminds me of a galaxy. My shadow, an expression of self, is a child of that Universe. I also think it's quite symbolic that the shape of my shadow looks like an eye. There comes a time in all our lives (I hope) when we begin to see ourselves as a part of the Universe. Like the trees, we reach and grow. Like the stars, we shine our lights. And with the understanding that we are connected to all of creation comes empowerment. We are all creators. Remember that.

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