Wednesday, August 22, 2012

69/365: A Question for His Majesty, the Monarch

Today I made:

an inquiry...

One still sees a few 
faithful monarchs fluttering near.
These red-gold beauties
far from being a typical butterfly-
handsome in all phases. Ordinarily.

mixed media altered book poem: original photo, oil pastel, pencil
excerpts from Stalking the Good Life, E. Gibbons

I have a question for
His Majesty the Monarch:
Does a butterfly
remember being
a caterpillar?

Perhaps he 
waves his wings about a bit 
to get the feel of things,
then takes off 
as if he had been flying
all his life.

On a visit to L.A. I saw this question painted on a sign that hangs over an abandon plot of land. I have been pondering it ever since.

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