Friday, August 17, 2012

64/365: She Answered the Call of the Creative

Today I made:

mixed media on 16"x24" canvas: acrylic, charcoal, scrap paper, found image
I played some more with the mixed media I started the other night. Not sure if it's finished yet, but it's coming together. I had no plan for this one when I began. I like it that way lately. I just add layers and make textures until some part of the canvas starts to call for a certain something. Had a fun time stamping found objects on this one. It just builds from there and usually there's text involved. I just can't help writing on the canvas and I love typography. It's like art journaling on a really big journal page. Not sure if it's symbolic beyond that. That usually doesn't occur to me until later. The little darling on the soup can telephone is from album art done by Kate Quinby of Croak & Hum. I found it flipping through a magazine and it fit perfectly, so I altered it a bit. I think that's ok, since it's just for me, but Miss Kate gets all the credit. Still working on illustrating my musings.

It's been a while since I've worked on a bigger canvas, and this is not really all that big. Some day I want to have to jump to reach the top of my canvas. Cause it's art, why not jump? Do whatever you have to do to connect with your muse.