Wednesday, August 15, 2012

62/365: Reflections at Low Tide

The other day I rode my bike by the bay at low tide. The sun was in the perfect position to bounce light onto the crests in the sand. The shadows fell deep into the troughs. Crests and troughs keep finding me these days, as do the ripples they cause. I keep stumbling onto ripple effects.

Today marks two months of my 365 Days of Creative project. I've been pretty tight lipped about it so far. I think a part of me (the part that doubts myself) didn't think I could do it for very long and I didn't want the pressure of "maintaining" for an audience. I needed it to just be for me, to hold myself accountable. Well I haven't made it nearly a year yet, but two months of making creative time for myself, that's big for me. Two months is enough to be considered a habit, right? There have been days that I've had to scramble to post my "makings," but so far, I've managed a daily creative act.  In these past two months, I've done more writing and had more paint under my fingernails than I have in a long time. I've used my phone for taking photos more than I do for calls or texts, and I've realized that it's OK to take time to play in my art space even when I have no particular project in mind. Little epiphanies are arising from my reflections on my creative process. I'm beginning to see the benefit of documenting my journey toward a more creative me.

Granted it's summer; my work load has been lighter and the days seem longer. We'll see how I manage come Fall, but this was a good time to ease into my new daily routine. I think what's been key for me is that it hasn't been so much of a routine at all. Rather than having the same kind of art to work on every day at the same time, catching myself in the act of organic, spontaneous creation has been a welcome relief from the planned and precise art of my past. I tend to rebel against schedules and need to mix things up to stay interested. For me, variety is the spice of art. It's true some projects have been more meaningful and filled me with more pride than others, but at this point, it's just been about making time every day to acknowledge my creative spirit. In return, she's helping me to see reoccurring symbols and themes in my art and writing, and even in the things that catch my eye in nature.

So maybe it's time for me to go low tide, let my guard recede, expose the ripples. Maybe it's time to share of myself and what I am learning with more than my closest few and whoever happens to stumble upon my musings. I'm starting to think that maybe it's time to live a little louder and spread the joy of what I'm discovering. Perhaps I should embrace the ripple effect.

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