Saturday, August 25, 2012

72/365: Fitting the Pieces Together

Today I made:

plans for a big project...

I've been fluttering around the edges of an idea for months, trying to think of a way to find my voice by incorporating what I've already got going on and what I want to work on as an artist. Using what I've built up as a basis for pushing myself further seems like the logical thing to do. That is easier said than done. It's been like staring at a puzzle, knowing that I have all the pieces I need to create meaning, but I just can't see past the parts to make connections. I don't know what kicked my right brain into synthesizing mode today, but all of a sudden I can see all the little parts together to make a happy whole.

This project will give me lots of practice with facing a blank canvas. It combines my love of mixed media collage, art journaling and photography. I can experiment with the mixed media art techniques I've been learning for creating layers and textures. It also gives me a chance to work on a series of pieces that are all connected with a common theme. My fledgling style will certainly get a workout, and if things go well, I may just come out with a set of encouraging and inspiring pieces of art to share.

One good thing I've done for myself as an artist over the past year is to begin collecting the things that catch my eye and in some way speak to me. Among my collections are the whimsical photographs I take on my daily travels- mostly iPhone photos I capture on the fly, but nonetheless, a good documentation of my journey. I've also been seeking out and collecting quotes and affirmations that speak to me and validate where I am on my journey of creative and personal development. I finally sat down today to sort through the photos. (I will not even tell you the ridiculous number of pictures I currently have stored in my phone, but it's well into the thousands.) I was surprised to find that I've taken pictures of things that perfectly illustrate many of the quotes and affirmations that have been keeping me going the last few months. That must have been the final piece of the puzzle.

So I spent the afternoon pairing my favorite photos and quotes to begin my project. I've narrowed it down to twelve. Can you guess what I'm making?

Let's just say it will help me keep track of how I'm spending my creative year.


  1. Sounds like you're making a mess...or a inspirational creative calendar? Maybe a little of both...

    1. Ah yes, my dedicated reader! It will be a mixed media/photo calendar for yearlong inspiration and encouragement. You just won yourself your very own copy! :) Hope to have it finished by the end of next month.