Monday, August 27, 2012

74/365: The Flow

Today I made:

sneak peek of calendar page &
Banjo, my studio assistant, enjoying his own kind of flow
a connection with the source 

There must have been a creative cloud over our house today. The energy was in the air- hubby in his wood shop building a cigar box guitar, me in my bedroom art space working on my mixed media calendar pages, both making things with our hands that didn't exist yesterday. We were both in the flow! We met in between for meals and giddy brainstorm sessions, and the occasional "look what I can do!" It's nice to have someone who can relate, provide support and to celebrate with. 

When I'm in the flow with my art, time is nonexistent. Ideas are flowing thick and fast, and nothing seems impossible. Things are coming together surprisingly well. The motivation to push through sticky design problems is there to the end.   A great sense of accomplishment comes from the tiniest things during the process. The end result does not figure in, my mind is in the moment and I don't want to stop, not to eat or sleep or even take bathroom breaks. 

I get such a rush from being in the flow! It quite literally feels like some greater source is working through me, giving me jolts of creative insight and energy, telling my hands what to do. It's my job to just ride the wave and see a project through. I'm still figuring out what it takes to plug into this source on a regular basis. I am by no means "in the flow" every time I step foot in my studio. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to manifest an idea, or I feel too anxious and inhibited. But I keep those moments of connection close to my heart to remind me that I can reach it. I do know this- granting myself permission and time to do the things I love, surrounding myself with inspirations and giving myself the freedom to play rather than focusing on an outcome most often helps me get into the state where art is...inevitable. 

I think we are all capable of tapping into this source of creative expression. I often wonder what this connection with the creative source feels like for other artists and crafters. If you've stumbled upon this post, I'd love it if you'd comment and describe your personal experience with being in the zone. How do you reach it? What do you make? Does it make your hands tingle, your heart beat fast? Does it make you feel like anything is possible? 

May we all learn to go with the flow.

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