Monday, August 20, 2012

67/365: A Tribe of Brave Creators

Today I made:

a collection of our art community photos

Yesterday's Mixed Media Obstacle Course was a great success! Our little tribe of brave creators have helped Jess and me launch our dream community. A delightful group of people gathered on the bay with the sea breezes, sunshine and art making tools. It was such a joy to witness everyone's creative process, to learn from on another and to share in the pride that comes with making something with your hands, heart and mind.

One of the goals for the gathering was to work through obstacles that all creators face during the process. We built up layers and played with texturing tools to create depth and interesting backgrounds. There are no mistakes in mixed media art. We were free to explore the tools and techniques that can develop into many works of art to come. I got to be an artist and a teacher yesterday, and it was an amazingly rewarding experience. This is the beginning of a very good thing.

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