Tuesday, August 21, 2012

68/365: Conversations with a Seagull

Today I made:

The Harrowing Tale of Gull and Girl...

In my travels as an amateur wildlife photographer, I have scouted the far reaching corners of my neighborhood with my iPhone camera. One day, the Serengeti (and a nicer camera.)
Today, South Cove, Mission Bay.

Word to the wise: seagulls are not to be messed with.

I spotted this feathered "friend" perched on a rock by the shore and decided I needed a picture. As soon as I approached, he objected. Angry squawking in seagull tongue ensued. It went something like this:
moments before the attack

Me: But sir, I only wish to photograph your pale feathers in the fading light. I mean you no harm.

Gull: Foolish girl! Leave your turkey sandwich and go!

Me: You are but a small bird, and I am a girl. You do not scare me.

Gull: You underestimate me, silly girl child!

To which he flapped his wings at me, took off into the sky, circled twice overhead while squawking profanities...and proceeded to dive bomb me!!
I stared him down as long as I thought was smart, but I decided I'd rather not have a beak to the eye. I ducked just in time for him to swoop inches above my head. I must have looked ridiculous running from an angry bird.

pelican peanut gallery
I made it out alive and I learned my lesson about seagulls. My pride is a little bruised, but I'm pretty sure no one saw the dispute, except for a squadron of pelicans resting on rocks by the dock. They were much more docile, though I know they were cheering their pal on on the inside. They just sat and watched it all go down, two and three to a rock on the water, like an audience at a comedy show.

Seagull: one; Me: zero (plus a grainy photo)

sky pond--my consolation prize

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