Saturday, July 28, 2012

44/365: 2 Cities, 3 Days, 4 Friends

Long day of delayed flights after our 3-day jaunt to the east coast. I'm feeling inspired to print some pictures and spread some paint around on a canvas, but I will have to settle for journaling and watercolor pencils on the plane. Finding a free solo moment to post to the blog has been tricky, but I've been documenting with photos. I can't wait to spread the pictures out on my living room floor to begin putting together the story of our trip. I had my travel art kit all packed, but barely dug into it. I had great intentions for creating an on-the-go travel journal, but instead allowed my self to soak up the sights and be present in the moment with my endlessly entertaining travel companions. Thinking I might need to practice with my travel art tools on my daily adventures around my own city.

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