Friday, July 20, 2012

36/365: Building a Creative Community

Today I made:

a new Meetup Group!
The beginnings of my mixed media explorations - 2009.
(acrylic, oil, ink, graphite, scrap paper, wire & feather on canvas 9x12)

My brilliant business partner had the clever idea to start a group on Meetup!

I'm so excited to build a tribe of creative, like-minded people in the San Diego area so we can share our art workshops and events.
Here's the scoop...

"Art play dates for big kids... We are a creative community of people who love to make art in a social setting. No art experience necessary; all adventurous, creative souls welcome. Find, nurture and express your creative spirit in our play-based mixed media art workshops. Our meet-ups will be held in beautiful outdoor settings around San Diego. Be courageous! Be creative!"

en{COURAGE} creative
Meetup, San Diego


  1. I am so jealous! I wish I lived closer what a fun time!

  2. Oh friend, I so wish you lived closer! When you visit, we'll have our own private art party. You can teach me how to smooth talk my sewing machine. ;)

  3. I love your piece...just lovely!!! The little birdie is sooo sweet.

    1. Thanks, Leslie! This was one of my first mixed media pieces when I really began exploring my creativity a few years ago. Totally inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts. I had just read her book and the floodgates opened :)