Sunday, July 8, 2012

24/365: Surround Yourself With People Who Wonder

Today I made:

This free verse poem...

Surround yourself with the like-minded thoughts
Of like-minded people.
Find your community
In the flesh,
The world of webs,
Or in the pages of a book.
They will be your validation
For who you are or who you are becoming.
Others have walked this path before you.
They have faced these obstacles.
They have stories to tell and lessons to teach.
Listen and learn!
When the understanding is yours,
You can pay it forward
Sharing insights with those who are new on the path.
We are all learners and we are all teachers
In our own time.
Now is the time to go.
Go in the direction of your dreams.
Go to ask the questions and find the answers.
Seek the wisdom that will help you grow.
Grow in the direction of the sun.
Grow so bright that others can't help but wonder
What it would be like to grow that way.
Surround yourself with people who wonder.

On another note (a related one, I suppose)...
I took my first yoga class today! I honestly don't know why I waited so long. Solo living room yoga did not prepare me for this. The quiet, the concentration, the people stretching and bending and breathing around me. My muscles twitched and my legs wobbled. My breathing was uneven and my mind wandered. I couldn't help but smile. I am humbled. I am an absolute beginner...with so many things these days. While that can be frustrating and scary at times, I am giving myself over to the process. There is so much possibility in being a beginner. From here all I can do is practice, learn and grow. Those seem like pretty good options to me.

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