Monday, July 2, 2012

18/365: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Today I made:

a decorative flower pot...

 The other day I planted a succulent garden for my darling friend and business partner. The garden is a symbol of the dream we're trying to grow and the little plants in it represent courage, balance, adaptability and resilience (even I can't kill a succulent plant)- the stuff that a growing business needs. Today I stamped these words around the rim of the pot with some acrylic craft paint and alphabet stamps. It was way too much fun! My hubby is worried that I'm going to start stamping words on everything we own.
He is correct.

Home Depot sells itty bitty succulent plants for a couple bucks a piece. They also sell sweet little terra cotta pots glazed in bright colors there too.
I repotted with some fast draining cactus soil
and topped it off with sea glass I found at the craft store.
I must say, it turned out pretty stinkin' cute!

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