Saturday, July 21, 2012

37/365: Baubles & Beads

Today I made:

a found bead necklace...

My father-in-law is a closet creative.
He's been making necklaces- gorgeous Native American style strings of beads. He claims to not put much thought into it, but I don't believe him. Each one is carefully patterned and lovingly handmade. Mine is coming in the mail and I can't wait to wrap it around my neck!

After looking through all of his beautiful work, I needed a bead fix. I must admit I have a little addiction. I've been collecting beads since I was a little girl, always drawn to the wealth of colors, shapes and patterns. I can remember being very small and spending hours lounging on the floor sorting and arranging beads that belonged to my mom and grandmother. I think that's when I fell in love with colors. I still have some of these old Polish beads.  When I travel, I can't help but stop into bead shops to see what treasures I can find. I usually only get one of whatever catches my eye. Others come from broken jewelry. Some I've discovered on the ground during walks. They are all part of my "found stash." No two alike. So tonight I decided to make a "found bead" necklace. I strung my beads from many places. Glass, wood, metal, stone- ah delicious baubles to match my every mood and remind me of my creative roots.

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