Wednesday, July 18, 2012

34/365: Heaven is a Beach Cliff

Today I made:

an expedition to a new land...
cliff petroglyphs & the pier gate at Ocean Beach

Sea spray, salty air, breathtaking panoramic views and artistic this Heaven?!

I visited the walking cliffs at Ocean Beach for the first time today. This has to be one of San Diego's best kept secrets! I was expecting a scenic ocean view from the top of a cliff, but this was so much more. It's the best barefoot beach hike I've ever experienced!

Just south of the OB Pier, the flat sandy cliffs stretch for blocks along the shoreline. The low beds of rocks lie in gorgeous formations that bring you just feet from the breaking waves of the Pacific Ocean below. Natural tide pools filled with colorful sea life cover the area. There are even a few tiny secluded beaches. And my favorite part- the petroglyphs! Visitors have been carving into the sandy cliff surfaces for decades. Thousands of pictures, sweet sentiments and names are engraved onto the land.

It was incredible to be so close to the old creative expressions of people who had walked there before me. It was like another world, or at least another time. Every person we came across on the walk greeted us with that knowing twinkle in their eyes, grateful to be sharing in the discovery of this little slice of Heaven on Earth.

The sea caves at Sunset Cliffs that lie a little further south are the focus of my next expedition, but I will surely be returning to this incredible playground for the imagination.

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