Monday, July 9, 2012

25/365: Connection

Today I made:

a connection...

I met with my partner in crime this afternoon, designing a floor plan and working out the operations of our dream business. There was plenty of creative work in that, but I still felt like playing with my art supplies.

It was hubby's turn to cook dinner tonight (he makes a mean pasta sauce), so I got 20 undisturbed minutes in my art space. That is just enough time to dig through my collection and start slapping things together. My inner critic has no time to interfere.

So with the smell of peppers and onions simmering in the kitchen, I got to work. A vintage rubber stamp image (gotta love those dollar bin finds!), some alphabet stamps (my favorite!) and a puzzle piece I found on the sidewalk turned into a representation of my need for connection as an artist and entrepreneur.

It's amazing what we can come up with when we connect on common interests and philosophies.
Sometimes the right person comes along, looks at our ideas from a different perspective and helps the pieces fit together.


  1. You should try keeping colored pens and a doodle pad on the counter. Some of my most exciting designs (and some pretty cool free form art type drawings) have come from the doodles on the counter note pad while BS with hubby while he makes dinner.
    By the way I am completely jealous that you got 20 uninterrupted minutes in lala land (that's what I call my studio) I have to find ways to occupy the little people before I get uninterrupted time and it rarely lasts 20 minutes!
    Happy creating...we should compare floor plans some day. I have mine stashed away in an folder as sort of a tangible reminder of something I'm going to d someday!

  2. Ha "Lala Land!" I love it! I don't have little people at my house yet, so I think that's partly how I get away with it. It helps that we have husbands who keep themselves busy with their own creative endeavors, right? I love the idea of doodle pad and drawing tools outside of my art space. It's good to get your hands and mind used to making art anywhere with any amount of time. I'm going to start carrying a little sketchbook in my purse. What about hanging that floor plan of yours somewhere visible, like the beginnings of a vision board for the future cutest sewing shop/boutique ever! ;)

    1. I used to have my plans out where I could see them everyday, but mishandling and a very very angry X and life in general have made them a little tattered. I keep them in a sparkly purple folder marked possibilities. I have thought many times about redoing my designs and turning it into a design board, but it's been a very long time since I've drawn anything like that.
      On the occasions I carry a purse I almost always have a note book of some sort and usually a sharpie just for those moments when I have a design epiphany. If I don't have my notepad, that's ok I've drawn entire collections on a McDonald's tray liner and new exciting designs on ATM receipts, if it resembles paper and won't bother anything else I'll draw on it. I even keep two note pads on my desk at work. One is for phone messages, questions for my boss and actual notes. The other is strictly for the purpose of doodling during boring conference calls and doodling to make myself look engaged during facility staff meetings.

    2. I like your strategies for sneaking art into your work day, or better yet, being ready for inspiration when it strikes no matter where and when. P.S. I am loving this quote: "I keep [my plans] in a sparkly purple folder marked possibilities." Sounds like a little sign you could make and hang in your sewing room ;) xoxo