Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Summer Solstice and the Super Moon

sea level at the summer solstice
To celebrate the summer solstice, I decided to join a friend of mine who was hosting a special gathering at the beach. It was one of those sweetly surprising events that turned out to be more meaningful that I could have imagined.

We did yoga in the late afternoon sun. (I'm still finding sand in odd places.) We learned about our chakras and practiced some energy healing. (I'm intrigued!) Best of all was the intention ceremony. We were told to find a rock on the beach with which to do a little guided visualization and meditation. We were asked to choose one meaningful intention for our life right now. (Oh man, was this hard! There was so much that I wanted to tell my rock!) Then we prayed our intentions into our rocks and tossed them far out into the tide. We were reminded to simply have faith that putting our intentions out into the universe would get the ball rolling on our heart's desires. I realize it may sound kooky to some, but at this point in my life, I'm doing what feels good to connect with my true self. And this felt good. Down on my knees in the sand, taking photos of the way the sun glimmered on the heads of the rocks good. {Mine's out there somewhere!}

A new season, I'm learning, is always a perfect time for letting go of that which no longer serves us, just as mother nature does during her yearly cycles. During my ceremony, I chose to let go of the limiting beliefs that keep me from showing up courageously in my creative life, along with unnecessary clutter that enters my mind. I chose to create a kind and peaceful place in my heart and mind to explore my creative process, free of guilt and negative self-talk. I intend to be kinder to myself and my creations.

This year, the coming of summer happened to coincide almost perfectly with the moon's perigee, the time that it is closest to the earth during it's orbit- the "Super Moon" it's been called. I think perhaps I had super-sized it a bit bigger in my mind, but it was still worth the drive to Torrey Pines State Beach to see it tonight.

With the roaring Pacific at our backs, we watched the full moon, in it's most golden glory, rise over the mountains to the east. A few attempts at photos that didn't do it justice, a hushed awe, strangers stopping to see what our group was gazing at...mere moments and the super moon had risen high enough to duck behind the clouds. I had just enough time to ask it for help in moving the tide. I stood there, picturing the sea churning my little rock, sending waves of intentions out into the universe.

I didn't know what I was in for today, but it was precisely what I needed: to reconnect with nature and my spiritual self. On the cusp of my favorite season, I needed a little ceremony to help me make the transition and honor my place on the path. A change of seasons, a full moon, a breathtaking sight, an honest intention...they all brought great energy today.

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