Saturday, June 15, 2013

The 366th Day: A Celebration of Creativity

Ridiculously blessed and utterly blissed-out...that is how I'm feeling on this most memorable of days. Twenty like-minded souls came together in playful spirit to share their creativity. You could feel the creative energy in the air. It was incredible! I can't stop smiling about the sheer joy of it all.  I couldn't have imagined a more perfect way to commemorate my year of creativity. Art, music, new and old muse had quite a time being the guest of honor. This was a celebration 365 days in the making!

My favorite photo from our magical day...who knew the creative spirit travels by bubble?!
Jess has no fear of the blank canvas
as she makes the first mark on the mural. 
Come on in! All creative souls welcome.
"L" adding bubble whimsy to Jessica's work...
"Make Your Mark": The 366th Day mural with everyone's contributions.
I am so grateful to all who shared in making it, and proud to have this spirited and spontaneous work of art
adorning my home. I love the mix of medias and everyone's individual creative spark!
My contribution to the mural (so far)...
These hands have created great and inspiring things this year,
so it seemed appropriate. There is a beautiful ripple effect
that occurs when we let go of what stops us and create from the soul.
I found high-flying freedom in the creative process. 
Muse Letters, Self Portrait Photo Booth, "Stuck Sticks" & Inspiration Station...
play time for creative souls
I wish I had taken more photos of my creative friends in action,
but alas, I was playing happy hostess. 
Lee's work at the magnet poetry station...We certainly "celebrated our magic" today!
Banjo, who was on gate patrol all day,
finds a sunny spot to nap as the party winds down.
words of en{courage}ment...
"Art" spilling the paint...that guy is even clumsier than I am!
"Arthur's" paint bucket makes a mess of the table. Good thing the food wasn't out yet. 
Cliff's view of the lanterns. 
It turns out my backyard is the perfect place for an art party!
An exhausted, giddy and proud work of art
on my 366th day of creativity.
Thank you to my guests! I will always remember this day
and the creative souls who came together to make it possible. 

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