Monday, June 10, 2013

361/365: Creative Insomnia

I went ahead and got an early start on the day's creative...2:45 a.m. early.
It was an idea attack. 

After 30 minutes of listening to my husband's peaceful breathing and watching my dog chase possums in his sleep, the ideas kept coming thick and fast and my manic mind would not let me rest. So, I gave in to the creative insomnia and crawled out of bed. Sometimes I get up and paint in the dark, but early this morning, I just needed to get all those ideas out of my head.

I'm realizing that creative insomnia tends to strike after periods of intense creating, when I have too many loose ideas that haven't been contained or an epic project in the works that hasn't been fleshed out, say a big party I'm planning. That was it exactly. I'm days away from my 365 celebration and hadn't finalized many plans. I swear I wasn't procrastinating. I was simply waiting for flashes of brilliance to come to me so I could plan from a place of excitement. Those flashes arrived well before the sun rose this morning.

So I sat by the light of my computer screen dumping all the ideas out of my head: how to turn my back yard into a cozy creative space, all the random supplies I need to gather, and more art activities for my guests to partake in. After an hour or so, I returned to bed drowsy, happy and feeling very productive.

This morning was another story.

Why must my muse keep such odd hours? Am I doing the right thing by jumping up when inspiration strikes, or should I get a handle on my nocturnal brainstorm sessions before my creativity suffers due to sleep deprivation?

Have you experienced creative insomnia? How do you reason with your muse in the wee hours?

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