Friday, June 28, 2013

Beach Journaling

The moment I sat down on the beach today, the roar of the ocean drowned out all of my mundane and unproductive thoughts. The salted air cleansed my stale energy. The sun kissed the top of my head until there was clarity. I was able to tune into the whispers of my heart. This is what happens every time. This is my best peaceful-thinking place. This is the place where writing is inevitable...

June 28, 5:15 p.m. 

The sun is still high in the sky. I sit on my beach towel, my back against a sun-baked rock, warm and relaxed to the core. The tide is high, the surfers are out. Finally, I breathe in summer. It's been a couple weeks in limbo, in "recovery." I'm pleased with myself for not getting too anxious about this ebb. 
That is all it is. 
This time I recognize it and I am patient with myself. I am gently easing into a new season, feeling the shift deep down to my bones. I am slowly, but surely, recalling the intentions in my heart and reconnecting with my creative spirit.

Time is on my side today. We sit together and look out at the wide open sea and even wider sky. My soul feels this wide openness. I am open to receiving messages and gifts form the Universe. The uncertainty and lack of action that usually bring so much discomfort are not getting me down. I am simply at peace with my feelings and my circumstances. I trust that what I need to know next will be revealed to me in a timely manner. I believe that something great is just around the next bend on my path. I have faith in my potential energy

Like the single sailboat on the horizon, my heart's desires are still off in the distance, but I can begin to make out their shape. This will be a summer of sailboats on the horizon, rolling on the waves, turning in the sun, making their way closer to my beach...until the time that I am ready to step on board with my dreams and sail off into that wide open sea. 


  1. Wonderful inspiration for my day today, and my week ahead. Thanks!

    1. Hi Susie! Sorry for the late replies! Thanks for stopping by to read my ramblings ;)

  2. Mila, had time to peruse most of your blog here. Love your combination of image and message, and the overall mixture of hope, inspiration and acceptance imbued in your words.
    Best wishes to you and Rodney in your new beginnings up north. It sounds like you will both get the chance to be true to your dreams. May you have a (relatively) hassle-free landing and setting up period!