Wednesday, June 12, 2013

363/365: Honor the Work

art journal spread: acrylic, ink, water soluble oil pastel, found images, scrap paper

At Orly's art journaling workshop the other day, we were given a list of affirmations and asked to journal about the one or two that stood out to us. Even as I was writing the words, I was battling with an inner critic that would have me do exactly the opposite. Thank goodness for my art journal. The pages seem less precious, somehow, than a canvas. I feel more free to experiment and less attached to the end result. It is easier to show kindness here. But the old doubts still creep in. Even with my hands and heart experiencing such joy in the process, my brain feels the need to critique the work. I try to separate the act of making from my reaction to the piece. I have to remind myself, whether it's good or bad is beside the point...and it's not for me to decide that anyway.

I just have to make the art and honor the work that goes into it.

I will show kindness to myself and my creations because my creative process deserves my respect. 

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