Thursday, June 13, 2013

364/365: The Door to Creativity

open the door...
My very own creativity...
It has caught me by surprise.
It has become so much more
Than making pretty things.
It has grown a life of it's own,
Sometimes in full view of others,
Sometimes for it's keeper's eyes only.
Like a secret garden
behind a rusty unassuming gate,
It grows uninhibited.
Wild, twisted vines
With gorgeous blooms flourish there.
All kinds of wondrous creatures
Make their homes there.

It is bigger than me,
But I am not afraid of it.
I welcome it.
I live for it.
This is my very own creativity
That I have cultivated.
It is my most prized possession,
My favorite character trait,
My most unsolvable mystery,
My burning question.
It will never leave me.
It is here always.

You have one too.
You just have to step into your courage
And open the door.

"Creative power is mightier than its possessor." ~Carl Jung

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